Conscious Shopping: The Reformation

I love fashion. I really, really do. But I’m quite proud of always being a conscious shopper; I go with a list, I know what I need, I only buy things that go together, and I try to stick to the ‘capsule wardrobe’ method. But, turns out, ‘conscious’ meant much more than just that! A term that’s recently gaining much popularity, ‘conscious shopping’ is apparently all about buying things that do not harm the environment as a whole: no child-labor, no animal cruelty, minimal carbon footprint, and so on. I’m in love with that concept! See, I’m a civil engineer/writer who’s quite a passionate humanitarian and environmentalist. So, obviously, I took to Google to search for ‘conscious brands’ and that’s how I stumbled upon The Reformation. Continue reading

Friday Fives: My Favorite Bookstagram Accounts

coverHave you figured this out yet? Maybe I should be less subtle about it – if ever I was – I love books. There. Now we can move on to the part where I gush about how obsessed I am with books. I probably spend way too much money buying books, books that I probably may never get around to reading all… but oh well, call me a hoarder and let’s get it over with. The day I found out “Bookstagram” was a thing, I felt my life must be complete now, and since then, I’ve followed more accounts on Instagram than ever before, all Bookstagrams. And as they’re my favorite part of my Insta feed, I decided to share with you my 5 favorite Bookstagram accounts, in no particular order. Hope this makes your day! Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-Up, v. 1

weekly coverI’ve been thinking. This blog just needs more… spirit! And the best thing would be some regular posts, don’t you think!? *queue oldie but goldie blog idea* Weekly Wrap-Up Wednesdays! What’s that, you ask? Well, I’ll be updating you on my life through my Instagram posts, and I’ll be spreading the love by sharing my favorite links, articles, blogs, profiles, etc. from the week! How’s that for awesome!? So let’s get started… Continue reading

Tip and Tricks to Start Reading More!

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I was a die-hard bookworm growing up. Seriously, I was one of those kids that got told off by their moms for reading instead of doing homework. But adulthood hasn’t been fair to me; most days, I’m way too busy to even read through my whole mailbox, let alone an actual book. Still, I do so try to tick books off of my list – God knows I’m still addicted to buying more books than I could ever read! However, reading has always been a much-enjoyed hobby of mine, and lately, I’ve been working real hard on actively reading again. So if you’re a lazy bookworm nowadays, or you’re looking to pick up a smarter hobby, here are my tried and tested ways to start reading more! Continue reading

Collection Cravings: Zara AW16 Collection – The Shoe Edition


Ask me what’s my favorite retail store any day, any season, and I’d say Zara every. single. time. I have a passionate relationship going on with Zara; admittedly, it’s one sided, as the prices often speak clearly of their feelings towards me… but still, they’ve been working on that! That store owns my heart. More to the point, I really, really love shoes… especially their shoes! I often leave a store without having noticed a single clothing item that doesn’t go on feet… Even worse, during college years, I used to spend whatever money I had to spare on shoes, and ended up with a multitude of questions as to how I literally have nothing to wear. That’s the story of my life… Continue reading

Top 10 Swimwear Trends from 2016!

summer swimsuits 2016
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It seems that this millennium has witnessed more trend changes than all of history combined. Trends seem to shift as frequently as seasons. Still, as they’re all major throwbacks to the 90s, 80s, 70s, & beyond, it’s become pretty easy to look trendy & classic at once. Even swimsuit trends have been changing, & though I’m really not a beach person, I’ve fallen in love with this year’s trends, especially one-pieces!
So here are the best 10 swimsuit trends from 2016 runways! Continue reading

Wine and Popcorn Pairings for The Best Lazy Summer Evening!

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If You follow Me over on Instagram, You’ll know I’m a wine gal; it’s sort of advertised… *cough* but what You don’t know is that I’m sort of a series-maniac. I have much more series on My hard drive – & know even more – than is possibly healthy! See, movies are non-committal, but series… well, they’re a gorgeously absorbing waste pass of time. & My favorite thing to munch on while watching is obviously popcorn; it’s guilt-free & goes perfectly with wine! To make things perfect for Me this lazy weekend, Karma sent Me one awesome inforgraphic by SkinnyPop: the perfect Wine & Popcorn Pairings! Continue reading